Wax Frames



Its winter and cold outside. As always are jobs to do. We still attend farmers markets every week either in Swansea or Aberystwyth so there is always ongoing honey potting to do and wax products to make. While I concentrate on these, Ceri is busy making up frames and dreaming about the new season ahead.

Ceri has bought and had delivery of the wooden frame pieces to make up during the winter.

1.He starts by nailing the wood together to create the frame.

2. Melts any off colour wax we have in a ban marie.

3. He then makes wax sheets by pouring the wax into his wooden tray moulds.

4. The ‘still-warm’ wax sheet is then pressed between hexagon imprinted patterned plastic sheets and fed through the mangle, resulting in thin sheets of foundation. Ceri is proud to use our own wax to use in his hives, knowing that they are free from chemicals, herbicides, pesticides and other contaminants.

The next stage in the process is to wire the frames, then using a crimping tool, he tightens the wire to fit. He trims the wax sheets to fit into the wooden frames. Ceri then uses a car battery to run a currant through the wire which causes the wire to heat and melt into the wax becoming embedded, giving the resulting comb enough strength so it wont collapse when later spinning out the honey. These sturdy wax frames are ready to put into a super. Each frame when full will hold 2 pounds of honey or a little more if packed and therefore each super box around 20 lbs weight of lovely honey.