Our Story

Cardigan Bay Honey (Mel Bae Ceredigion) is a rural bee farm based in the lower Teifi valley in West Wales where Ceri the beekeeper lives with his wife Lorien and their 5 children. The farm itself is spread over more than 20 apiaries, all in beautiful locations around Ceredigion and North Pembrokeshire. Many are nestled in the Teifi Valley and some in coastal areas.  Ceri has been keeping bees for more than 20 years, producing a seasonal variety of lovely, pure, Welsh, wild flower honeys.

The business has grown gradually and sustainably over the years from a cottage industry based in the family home, to the thriving business it is today. We have more than 30 stockists locally and attend regular farmers markets and food festivals. We love selling direct to our customers, making connections with other fantastic food producers and getting feedback for our products from our regular customers. We also sell all of our products online, through Etsy, Facebook, our web shop and eBay.

The Cardigan bay family is comprised of a small core team and up to 3 seasonal staff in the summer. Mum Carol plays an active role in processing the beautiful yellow beeswax amongst many other things. Lorien creates the beeswax products and markets the honey, while Ceri does what he does best and “plays with bees” as he calls it. As any beekeeper knows there is always plenty to do, and the older children are always delighted to help out come harvest time.

Our Honey

Our honey is produced so that it is as close to its natural state as possible, it is not over heated or blended for conformity. The honey varies in taste, colour and consistency throughout the year due to the floral sources changing through the season. While it is not possible to gain organic certification due to proximity of all the floral sources in the UK and the free ranging bees. We are careful to site our bees near areas abundant with wildflowers or blossoms such as organic meadows and orchards.

We have been looking after bees since the pre varroa days and see ourselves as custodians of the indigenous bees of the area. Ceri occasionally gives lectures and has provided beekeeping courses through the local beekeeper’s association and as part of his role while a bee inspector with the National Bee Unit. Ceri has been carefully selecting stock and gradually improving the strain since the beginning, breeding all the bees required for the bee farm and selling each year’s surplus. We are pleased to offer several our home bred queens and nuclei for sale each season.

Ceri is always happy to provide advice and discuss bee options over the phone.

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