A Bit of Good Weather

It was an uncharacteristically warm and sunny February day today. Ceri planned for us to use this opportunity to check some of the coastal apiary sites as there has been some high winds. Over wintered hives shouldn’t need checking until March, but the unusually warm weather gives us a great chance to check and take some photos for the website.

Apart from one ‘dead out’ with evidence of mouse damage, the bees look strong and active today. There is a bright yellow pollen being collected today from the pussy willow. One hive has been knocked off the stand by wind or sheep, but the colony remains strong.

The bees look good with healthy clusters no signs of problems and plenty of stores throughout the surviving hives.

We scrape and clean up the ends of frames as we go along. Ceri is scrupulous about saving every bit of wax scraped away, so us not to encourage wax moth to the site.