Welcome to Cardigan Bay Honey

A very warm welcome from the team at Cardigan Bay Honey.

We are producers of quality honey, bees and beeswax products.

Creature welfare is our priority. Ceri is known in the bee keeping community for his natural and gentle bee handling skills. We are all passionate about protecting the health and strength of our growing number of colonies.  Only the excess honey is harvested, in a good season this can be 4 times in the year.
Our products all come from our own bees and are ethically harvested and as organic as possible. Our honey is not adulterated in any way and it varies in taste and consistency throughout the year. We strain our honey just prior to bottling to retain the health and taste benefits.


We aim to always ‘tread lightly’ while enabling the pollination of our beloved West Wales countryside and to deliver hive products of exceptional quality.

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Our Honey

Our Honey products are 100% natural, unpasteurised and ethically harvested from our hives in the Welsh countryside, strained just before bottling to retain all of the health and taste benefits.

Wax Products

Bees Wax has many uses, take a look at our wax products to find out more.

Bees and Queens

If you are a fellow beekeeper and are looking to purchase Bees or Queens, look no further. We are also happy to provide advice and assistance if needed.

Popular Products

Below is a selection of our most popular products. Looking for something different? Browse through our online shop, and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch.