Ceri Morgan, Honey, Queens, Bees, Bees Wax Prpducts, Cardigan, West Wales


Cardigan Bay Honey are producers of quality honey and bees wax products.

We are a family run business with a bee farm operating in the lower Teifi Valley, near the small market town of Cardigan. Mel Bae Ceredigion / Cardigan Bay Honey produces honey that is as close to its natural state as possible, harvested from the lovely largely unspoilt West Wales countryside. Our honey will vary in taste, colour and consistency throughout the year due to the abundant floral sources changing through the season.

We have always kept native bees local to the area and since graduating from University of Cardiff (BscHons) Ceri has been actively breeding these bees. This allows us to sell a surplus of queens and nuclei each season.

We believe these bees being native are the correct bees for us to keep as they have adapted to local conditions over millennia. In our opinion making them the most suitable bees, with which to run a sustainable honey business in West Wales.