Ceri Morgan, Honey, Queens, Bees, Bees Wax Prpducts, Cardigan, West Wales


Spring set Wild Flower Honey

A lighter coloured honey that is soft set and has a sweet floral taste and a butter like texture.

Price: 5.50 per pound jar or 3.20 per half pound.


Heather Honey

A connoisseurs choice, this honey is very dark and has a jelly like consistency.  It has a strong tangy taste reminiscent of rolling in the heather moors with your favourite person.

Price: 4.75 per half pound.


Summer Wildflower Honey

A straw coloured lovely runny floral tasting honey. This honey is thanks to the abundance of wild flowers in the meadows of the Teifi valley, primarily clover and bramble.

Price: 5.50 per pound jar or 3.20 per half pound.

Combed Honey

Round Sections - This is the Summer Wildflower Honey, presented to you in a convenient container, in it's natural honey comb state. This honey will naturally contain some pollen and propolis.

Price: 7.50  per 8 ounces.

Cut Comb Honey - Similar to the Round Sections honey.

When the honey is ripe the comb is cut into chunks and presented to you as close to its natural state as possible.

Price: 6.50 per 8 ounces.