Ceri Morgan, Honey, Queens, Bees, Bees Wax Prpducts, Cardigan, West Wales

About Cardigan Bay Honey

Cardigan Bay Honey are producers of quality honey and bees wax products.

Cardigan Bay Honey (Mel Bae Ceredigion) is a small bee farm based in the lower Teifi valley in West Wales. Ceri has been keeping bees for more than 20 years, producing a seasonal variety of lovely wild flower honeys.

Our honey is produced so that it is as close to its natural state as possible, it is not over heated or blended for conformity. The honey varies in taste, colour and consistency throughout the year due to the floral sources changing through the season.


We have been looking after bees since the pre varroa days and see yourselves as  custodians of the indigenous bees of the area. Ceri has been carefully selecting stock and  gradually improving the strain since the beginning, breeding all the bees required for the bee farm and selling each years surplus. We are pleased to offer a number of our home bred queens and nuclei for sale each season.